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Bryce Tryon
Bryce Tryon
Lodi, CA
Justin Dowell
justin dowell
Edward Percival
edward percival
Reading, BRK
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Monster Army Recon Tour Winners Crowned:  Nick Bruce (Final Pro Event), Colton Walker (Overall Champion), Jeremy Mallot (AM Champion)
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2015 Overall Final Standings
Rye Airfield PRO Final Full Video Replay
Recon Tour PRO Overall Standings as of Rye Airfield Stop
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Me doing a no footer from 2 summer's ago #cultshit #riding #vansoffthewall #monsterarmy #riderschann #tb to recon tour with @jonathankingbmx when we rode haha. #monster #recontour #regram @mikespinner Kim Kardashian plans a complete #MommyMakeover post pregnancy. @drbrayplasticsurgery we specialize i Got to ride practice at the @recontour a couple weekends back at The Unit! Love this place ?? @jamie My last trick from Recon Tour awhile back. Looking forward to next year's tour! #bmx #ReconTour ?? @ Did you miss the @recontour final on Sunday or do you just want to relive it all? We got you covered Full replay of the #ReconTour PRO Championship is up now on the @monsterarmy site, go check it out c @mikevargabmx with a 3dub whip during #ReconTour last Sunday. Why was your favorite tick from the fi